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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fake Wrestling

"It's pretty strange that there are only 4 channels in English, and one of them is 24-hours of fake wrestling," I noted to my waiter as he served up some chicken masala.

"I love wrestling!  John Cena is man!  Mysteeeeee-rio!!  I am Kane!  Bam!  Pap!"  as he mimicked some elbows and slams.  He was naming off wrestlers that I didn't know existed, although to be fair the last time I watched fake wrestling Hulk Hogan had his own Saturday morning cartoon show.  My waiter was a super-fan.  After lunch I asked a few more random people, and they all agreed it was pretty good.  Fake wrestling was alive and well in India.

I was dumbfounded.  But after watching the other Indian channels, it dawned on me.  Fake wrestling is tough to swallow in the US because its so bad compared to all the other choices.  But in India, where almost every channel is spouting extreme close-ups, comical sword fighting, bare-chested gurus filmed on someone's iphone, and extra-slow mo' all the time, fake wrestling actually was pretty cool.  It was filmed in high-def and had great production.  And probably most important of all, it featured lots of posing, staring at the camera, and extreme close-ups.  It was the exact same thing as Indian TV but better quality.

I am starting to become a fan of Mysterio.  His moves are pretty sweet actually.

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