Finding Nemo

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Itinerary Looking H-O-T!!

There is nothing more magic than planning a mega-dream trip.  Especially on a rainy gray day in Socal ... sitting in my room with a big toasty hot chocolate, Pandora grooving, and maps of the world all over the desk. So I think I got it....  here it is (drum-roll...........)
1) Japan - March (gotta be there for the blossoms)
2) Nepal - April (gotta be there before the monsoon starts)
3) China - May/June
4) Mongolia - July
5) Russia - August
6) Eastern Europe - Sept/Oct (hmmm.. maybe a little Oktoberfest???)
7) Middle East - Oct/Nov
8) Egypt/Morocco - Nov/Dec
9) La Ventana, Baja - January (duh...gotta go kiting when I get home!!!!)
Damn.  That looks pretty sweet.  The juices are flowing just thinking about it.  Woohoo!