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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just what I was looking for

Just found a nice blog from a forecaster at Wunderground... basically he is confirming my fears that radioactivity may increase by Tuesday due to new wind direction.I am at Mt Fuji today, but I have to head back to Tokyo Monday night to pick up some stuff I left there. I plan to be completely out of Tokyo by around Tuesday Noon and get to the Osaka region well to the west for the rest of my time in Japan.

The wunderground guy will send updated post on Monday. He says the levels that will reach Tokyo Tuesday are still not expected to be that high, but now pressure is building in the Unit 3 reactor.   There is rampant suspicion that the Unit 3 core already has a breach.  These combo of events definitely have me pretty worried.  Hopefully I can get in and out of Tokyo Monday night--Tues morning and be not much worse for wear....  why do I always have to push my luck?  I was crazy to come here in the first place, but now I gotta feeling I'm being crazy and stupid.  Well, I'm going to watch that Tokyo geiger counter like a hawk and I suppose if it jumps up, I'll just turn around and get my crap later.

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