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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Russia: First Impressions

A Ruskaya Redhead
Women hair cuts are uniform: bangs just above the eyes, long straight hair. I call it the Ruskaya. Fake red hair is quite popular.

Men. Sorry, but the only word that comes to mind is... dorks. Uniform goofy short hair cuts, almost in a military style. Gold chains. Adidas, adidas and more adidas. And they don't like guys with long hair and beards unless they are an orthodox priest.
Admit it. I could pass for one

Irkutsk and one of many many intricate flower parks
Flowers. They like 'em. Everywhere. Shocked at how bright and pretty and leafy and pleasant the town was. Somehow I expected Soviet gray depression everywhere, but here in Siberia it was White Russians, who largely escaped Stalin's attempt to eradicate beautiful architecture.

Cyrillic. Not so bad, especially after Mongolia I can kind of read it. Its Greek letters really. Cyrill didn't too much to them except add some embellishment and curly bits.

See, let's play:


OK guess what this means. You can almost sound it out. After a few vodkas it's easier to see what "Bodka" translates to.

Expected a cold demeanor but everyone I met was quite friendly. Except 20-something guys. They didn't like me at all. Perhaps it was my lack of adidas and gold chains.

Women. OMG. Neck hurting. The quantity and quality are nothing like anywhere on the earth. Friendly, almost aggressive, buying me drinks.

In Russia, I am a rock star, and it is awesome.

Angelina Jolie would just seem like a typical girl in Russia. She even has the right haircut

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