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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Warp Speed

Jetfoil power!

I looked on the map, and realized that we were taking a ferry about 70km across the ocean to get to Macau.  And yet, somehow, we were supposed to do it in about an hour.  The math didn’t make sense, after all, this was a ferry boat.

Once we left the Hong Kong harbor, I looked out the window in amazement.  The water was racing by as fast as if we were on the freeway, yet the ride was as smooth as a sedan.  I knew we were on a catamaran, but this was no ordinary cat.  This was a Turbo Jetfoil, with Rolls Royce engines.  I read later the top speed on these 200-seat monsters exceeded 70 knots!! (when empty.)  We were on the equivalent of a bullet train on the water.

Another jetfoil raced by in the opposite direction, the boat almost completely out of the water, spray flying 100 feet beyond.  In an instant it was gone, only a white trail left behind like the vapors of a jet in the sky.
I like my motorcycles, and the GulfStream V is a nice toy.  But for next Christmas, I am asking Santa for a Turbo Jetfoil.

Warp Speed Scotty

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