Finding Nemo

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Quiet Valley

Giant dancing mushrooms wave
Above the ponds of rice.
Golden orb, begin to set
Sky ablaze good night

Like kingly flowing robes
Purples drape along the hills
Vivid greens upon blue eyes
Soul be full, mind be still

The river ambling on and on
Where it goes it does not know.
Only that one day it must
Rejoin the source of all that flows

The Infinite, the Deep
The Waters of the Sea
From where all life began
And to where I wish to be

Peaks swirling in the mirror
Giggle on your heads.
Peasants sweat amongst your fields
Tonight, they'll earn your bread.

This is the simple life
A strange and magic view
Far away from the madness
Of my city by the Blue.

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