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Friday, March 18, 2011

A-Blowing in the Winds (of Japan)

This is an interesting graphic from the NYTimes...

It shows the "relative" radiation levels, which are supposed to be fairly low.  Tokyo mostly is being spared it looks like for now.  My friend Nikki says folks in California plan to stay inside this weekend! hahaha.  good lord.  anything in the microsieverts level pretty much the same as background radiation.

This is a short-term forecast graphic that is being constantly updated.

But this is the one I will be watching most closely.  If this forecast shows any wind coming from N, NE, or E, that is the bad news.

Basically this cold front is blowing through tonight, and high pressure is building which means the wind is going to slack off.  Which is not great.  BUT... it is still supposed to keep blowing offshore for the most part.  Then next week it seems the wind may shift to the SE, which is still fine for me but maybe not so good for China.  This is a good live blog from Reuters that is good to watch.

This is pretty cool, its a real-time Geiger counter setup in Tokyo.  Probably good for me to check in every once in awhile.  And it has real-time wind information.  Looks like nothing major going on in the past 15 hours.

And finally, this is the story of the day.  The fact that they are considering burying reactors under sand and concrete means that the doomsday scenario is very much alive and well.  That is what they had to do at Chernobyl.  Cue theme music from Jaws.......

And in other news of the doomed, Mavericks claimed its 2nd victim.

Well, I'm off to meet a friend of my brother Saber.  He is meeting someone who just escaped Fukushimi!!!  Just got an email advisory from the US Embassy that the US has chartered over 10 buses to save about 600 Americans still stranded up there!  Ought to be interesting conversation....

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