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Saturday, March 19, 2011


This Google-Earth video mapping the quakes vs time is absolutely fascinating.  I flew in Wed., 5 days after the main quake.  So far on average I have felt a pretty decent earthquake about once a day.  To me they feel like at least 5.0's, tremors that back home in LA would have everyone jumping out of bed and posting on Facebook.  In LA I've felt maybe 3 or 4 total in the 12 years I'ved lived there.  SInce I've been here in Tokyo, I've felt at least 5 or 6 and they are stronger.  They are always spooky, and a really weird thing has been happening to me.  After a quake hits (usually last about 15-30 seconds), everything calms down.  But, sometimes, there will still be some movement afterwards.  It messes with your mind.  Sometimes you are not sure if the building is shaking or not, you get these "sea-legs" where ..... HOLY SHIT!  A quake just hit.  I ran out of the building.  Haha, serves me right for writing a post about aftershocks.  Man.  Speaking of sea-legs.  The quake is....  oh its coming back....  OK now its gone I think.  Dude.  Messing with my head.  Anyway, I am pretty sure its gone now, but I still feel like I'm moving a bit.

Sometimes you have to look at the blinds or a cup of water to see if its in your head or the ground is still really moving.  And that's coming from someone who missed all the action.  I can't imagine the PTSD of the people who went through the big swarm in the the days after the big one hit.

UPDATE: the quake that just hit was the biggest since I've been here, 6.1!   Its funny, it really depends where you are.  It didn't feel as strong as the one yesterday, but at that time I was on the 10th floor of my hostel and the place was swaying back and forth and the windows were rattling.  This one I just ran outside and then it was over.

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