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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Link to my old blogs: Bali to Belize or Bust

For those who want to check out my last RTW (round the world) trip in 2006, here is the link:

I have to say that I really wasn't that great of a writer back then.  I thought I was witty in many of my posts, but it turns out I was just not that funny sometimes, especially towards the end of my trip.  Its weird, I definitely went through cycles of good and bad writing.  At any rate, I definitely plan on making my posts much more informative, interesting, and thoughtful this go around.  Stay tuned!!

NOTE: Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to ditch their "Spaces" which I actually liked, I thought it was an easy-to-use blog interface.  Microsoft forced me to migrate over to something called "WordPress" promising a "seamless" transition.  Of course, it was anything but.  I lost ALL the pictures!!!  Luckily I have them all saved on my hard-drive, but for folks reading my old blogs it truly is sad that you can't also see some of the incredible shots.  Perhaps one day I'll upload my pics to the old blog, but its a lot of work and I will have my hands full with 2011 this year.  Hopefully this Google-sponsored site will be more stable.

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